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Wednesday, November 11 2020

MPDT Capital Turns 3!

Today marks the third anniversary of MPDT Capital Berhad since its conception in November 11 2017. The celebration was held in MPDT headquarters, attended by directors and management staffs to commemorate MPDT’s colourful 3-year journey. 

This blessed day also celebrates the birthdays of MPDT’s November Babies. We hope the MPDT family will stay happy and united as we explore a new year together. Happy Birthday!


Thursday, September 3 2020

MPDT Pledges Against Corruption

The Corruption Free Pledge (CFP) Event was held on September 3rd to commemorate MPDT Capital’s denouncement of any form of corruption by signing the Corruption Free Pledge. The auspicious ceremony was witnessed by the MPDT shareholders, industry partners, officiated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Held in Hiltion Petaling Jaya, the event was attended by approximately 100 guests – all abiding the standard Covid-19 SOPs. The event also celebrated MPDT’s achievement of ISO 9001;2015 being the first Desalination company to achieve ISO certification in Malaysia. A truly marvelous occasion for MPDT, indeed.


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